About us

Bloomie Gardens mission is to Revolutionize the Cosmetic & Wellness Industry by radically transforming the chemistry of health & beauty with old age rituals that will help create a Meaningful
change to the mind, body, and soul.

Using Ingredients that nourish your health with the best available resources. We Bring forth the best version of you by correcting any issues for yourself, the people you love, and the world around you.

We are constantly seeking out the best and we maintain our signature ingredients in all our products using the best extracts,berries, and the latest scientific advances up to date.

Bloomie Gardens Health & Wellness company was founded and created by Mariama Tounkara who was born and primarily raised in the United States.  She is passionate about feeling confident and on a mission to produce high quality products that help with maintaining good Health.

“ I said started facing discoloration and acne issues at the age of 12, as I got older I experimented with different topical products and supplements on the market to help with some of the skin issues I was facing. Years passed, I tried the best products I could find on the market with consistent use. As I gained more knowledge I started making drinks to help boost any issues I was facing and my body was reacting very well to the supplements on its own. After a period of consistent use I didn’t have to have such a rigorous beauty routine, and I was getting well needed vitamin intake daily, changing around my whole way of life. I Became fascinated in producing Wellness products after I created my own formula which was producing the same results if not better, because it had everything I wanted in it. As I faced different health issues after giving birth, I sought to educate myself some more to achieve the most effective results with the benefits I needed in my body. Now Bloomie Garden Wellness company is on a mission to meet the demand to help correct and help heal all wellness issues globally.”